Maximizing Volume in Autologous Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction decisions are about more than clinical information. Your individual body, life, habits, emotional wellbeing, and more can and should play a vital role in what you and your surgical team choose to do. Natural tissue reconstruction is an increasingly popular choice among breast reconstruction patients. However, some women do not have enough excess tissue in their lower abdomen (DIEP flap) or thighs (PAP/TUG flap) to perform a satisfactory autologous breast reconstruction. This segment discusses innovative natural tissue procedures that may be available to those patients, along with clinical considerations doctors take into account for each approach.

Your Voice, Your Choice is a video series created with support from the Plastic Surgery Foundation’s Breast Reconstruction Awareness Grant that aims to offer a window into the breast reconstruction decision-making process via firsthand accounts from patients and physician retrospectives that dig into the minutiae of each type of procedure.