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Implant Revision Surgery

This group of secondary procedures refines breast shape after implant reconstruction.


Most breast implant reconstruction requires multiple stages to create a final breast shape. Direct-to-implant reconstruction is sometimes referred to as “one-step” breast reconstruction, because it avoids the use of a tissue expander. However, secondary revision procedures can maximize the final reconstruction.

Revision procedures optimize breast contour and address other implant-related issues, like capsular contracture and implant animation.

Types of Implant Revision Surgery Procedures

Capsular Contracture Surgery

An implant capsule is a normal layer of scar tissue that forms around an implant. It does not normally cause problems, however, some patients experience an uncomfortable tightening called capsular contracture. Capsular contracture can also cause a visible deformity. Revision surgery can release or remove the capsule, restoring a softer, more comfortable reconstruction.

Contour or Symmetry Corrective Surgery

Procedures like fat grafting and surgery on the opposite breast can improve breast contour and symmetry.

Acellular Dermal Matrix Placement

An acellular dermal matrix is a product that can reinforce an implant capsule or thin skin. This can improve issues like implant malposition, capsular contracture, and skin rippling.

Prepectoral Conversion

Breast implants placed under the muscle can cause discomfort. Some patients experience implant animation, where the breast implant visibly or painfully moves during activities of daily living. Moving the implant to a prepectoral position over the muscle can correct this deformity.

Procedure details:

  • Revision procedures can be performed at any time, even months or years after surgery
  • These procedures are generally performed on an out-patient basis, meaning that patients go home on the day of surgery
  • A plastic surgeon can help you determine which revision procedure or procedures would work best for you
    Nipple reconstruction can sometimes be completed at the same time as another revision procedure

Risks & Benefits

Revision procedure risks depend upon the specific surgery being done. Implant revision surgery takes place after initial breast reconstruction has fully healed, which minimizes the risks that do exist.

These procedures are well tolerated, and the recovery tends to be quick and manageable. Implant revision surgery helps many women reach the best possible breast reconstruction for them.