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Aesthetic Flat Closure

Aesthetic flat closure smooths and restores chest wall contour in patients who choose not to have breast reconstruction after mastectomy.


Some patients choose not to restore breast contour after mastectomy. Those individuals still have options to improve the way their chest wall looks after surgery. Mastectomy closure is not typically approached aesthetically. This means that it often leaves excess skin and tissue behind, which results in irregular chest contour. Aesthetic flat closure removes or rearranges that excess skin and tissue to create a smooth, even chest wall contour.

flat closure unilateral

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Aesthetic flat closure on one side

flat closure

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Aesthetic flat closure on both sides

Types of Aesthetic Flat Closure Procedures

Immediate Aesthetic Flat Closure

Chest contour is smoothed and restored immediately following mastectomy as part of the same surgery.

Delayed Aesthetic Flat Closure

Patients who have already undergone mastectomy who are not happy with their chest wall contour may have it corrected at a later date.

Aesthetic Flat Closure After Prior Reconstruction

Chest wall contour is smoothed and restored after a prior, unsatisfactory reconstruction is removed

Procedure details:

  • During surgical planning, a surgeon considers scar positioning based on whether the patient is considering tattooing to cover the scar
  • A plastic surgeon marks excess skin before surgery
  • During surgery, incisions may be extended along the side of the chest to adequately contour underarm skin and tissue
  • A surgeon saves or repositions excess skin to correct contour irregularities as needed
  • In some cases, simultaneous or second-stage fat grafting further smooths the chest wall

Risks & Benefits

Patients with larger breasts should be aware of the fact that they will have longer scars. It is also important to know that aesthetic flat closure is not the expectation of a mastectomy without breast reconstruction. It’s essential to explain the flat closure you would like by sharing goals and expectations with your surgical teams.

Most patients recover from this procedure well, satisfied with the smooth, even, flat chest contour it provides.