Broad-based Support

These groups welcome patients of all ages, stages, and backgrounds. They each offer slightly different services.

The Breasties
The Breasties is a community for people affected by breast and gynecologic cancers, including survivors, previvors, stage 4 thrivers, and caregivers. The Breasties connect people in the community through virtual meetups, in-person events, and chat rooms. They also provide resources and information about breast and gynecologic cancers, as well as live streams and exclusive content from experts.

CancerCare (800) 813-4673 (800-813-HOPE)
CancerCare offers counseling, case management, financial assistance, support groups, educational programs, and publications for anyone living with cancer. Oncology social workers and cancer experts provide CancerCare services.

CancerConnect (208) 727-6880
CancerConnect offers cancer-related news, information, and peer support to people with cancer, their caregivers, and advocates.

Cancer Support Community (888) 793-9355
Cancer support Community has a Support Helpline, staffed by community navigators and resource specialists who have extensive experience in helping people affected by cancer. They provide guidance, resources, and support to cancer patients or their loved ones with everything from getting information about cancer to identifying local support groups.

FORCE: Facing Hereditary Cancer EMPOWERED (866) 288-7475 (866-288-RISK)
FORCE provides education and support to people and families at risk for or diagnosed with inherited gene mutations that increase their risk of cancer. FORCE also advocates for access to care and better treatment and prevention options for people affected by hereditary cancer.

BRAVE® Coalition Foundation
BRAVE (Breast Restoration Advocacy & Education) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting breast cancer survivors on their restoration journey. BRAVE helps to advocate and lobby for policy that protects patients and influences the insurance industry, to educate breast cancer survivors about their reconstruction options, and to streamline patient access to care and resources.

Imerman Angels (866) 463-7626 (866-IMERMAN)
Imerman Angels is a free, one-on-one peer support program for people with cancer and their caregivers. Imerman Angels matches people with volunteers who have had similar experiences, providing personalized support by phone, online, or in person.

JScreen is a genetic screening and education program offering comprehensive, at-home testing on saliva. Their test offerings include a cancer panel that screens for genetic mutations that increase a person’s risk for many types of cancer, including breast cancer. Testing is available with or without insurance.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a national nonprofit that connects people with trusted information and a community of support.

SHARE (844) 275-7427
SHARE is a nonprofit organization that provides support to people affected by breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers. SHARE offers a variety of services, including a hotline (available in Spanish and other languages), support groups, wellness programs, educational meetings, and advocacy activities. Through its supportive network of survivors and caregivers, SHARE connects people with others who have been diagnosed with the same type of cancer.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (800) 232-4636 (1-800-CDC-INFO)
The CDC is a national public health agency that shares guidance and information about many health conditions, including breast cancer. CDC has up-to-date information on breast cancer risk factors, symptoms, statistics, research, and treatments. The agency also helps people access mammograms and screening programs through its National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP).

National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (CDC)(800) 232-4636
NBCCEDP is a CDC program that provides access to screenings and services for women with low income and women who are uninsured or underserved.