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Less than half of all patients in the United States who undergo a mastectomy are offered breast reconstruction. Just as troubling are the significant racial and wealth disparities in access to breast reconstruction. 

While breast cancer awareness may be well-established, there are hurdles regarding breast reconstruction knowledge and access to procedures. That is why BreastReconstruction.Org wants to expand the conversation about reconstruction. Our mission is to improve breast reconstruction outcomes for people from every background, at every stage by empowering them with the tools and resources they need to make informed breast reconstruction choices.

And we need your help. 
When you support Breast Reconstruction.Org, you help empower breast reconstruction patients to make informed decisions about their bodies. You will give people the tools to speak up about their wants, needs, and concerns.

BreastReconstruction.Org seeks to inform, empower, and support  by:

  • providing free, detailed, accessible information on every element of breast reconstruction to all patients, at every stage,
  • keeping physicians current on the latest breast reconstruction techniques and medical products, and
  • creating content campaigns that address the emotional aspects of breast reconstruction.

Your partnership will help BreastReconstruction.Org reach more people when they need us most.

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There are many ways to support BreastReconstruction.Org – through financial support, sharing our resources, collaborating on content and webinars. and event and cause-related sponsorship. 

We will work with your team to determine the right opportunity for your goals:

  • Corporate support: Corporate support is vital to Breast’s ability to fulfill its mission through general and program support. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to make a gift that best supports’s mission and shows your company’s commitment to this work. 
  • Support a cause your constituents care about through product sales and collaborative awareness building.
  • Sponsorship: Sponsor our signature UPLIFTING events or webinar series.

To learn more about creating a sponsorship opportunity that works for your company, please reach out the Teri Rosenberg, Director of Development at

We are grateful to our current partners

Support BreastReconstruction.Org by purchasing a gorgeous handcrafted piece of jewelry!

In March 2021, the talented breast cancer survivor @abbymatch launched the “beading project,” using her passion for jewelry-making to raise funds for various organizations and individuals undergoing cancer treatment. Her initiative has already raised over $35,000, making a significant impact.

We’re thrilled to partner with Abby as part of our fundraising efforts for These pieces not only make a stylish statement, but they also symbolize strength, resilience, and the power of community.

To be a part of this mission and get your own jewelry, simply DM @beadingcancertogether on Instagram.

Together, let’s make breast reconstruction more accessible for everyone. Join us in supporting and wear your jewelry with pride, knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of those seeking breast reconstruction.

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