Highlights From The FORCE Conference

This month, we attended our first conference! We are so grateful to FORCE, who welcomed us to their annual conference in Philadelphia, PA with open arms and provided an opportunity for us to offer breast reconstruction insights and expertise. FORCE is a non-profit that is dedicated to helping individuals face their risk of hereditary cancer empowered. The organization focuses on genetic cancers and harmful or risk-increasing gene mutations—like the many mutations associated with an elevated risk of breast cancer. This year, FORCE celebrates 25 years serving the cancer and high-risk communities.

This year’s conference featured panel discussions and information sessions on a variety of topics, including breast and reproductive cancer and breast reconstruction. We were extremely excited to offer three of the surgeons on our Board of Directors for the “Show and Tell” portion of the conference. Drs. Ron Israeli, David Light, and Jonathan Bank offered real-time insights on patients’ reconstructions at the conference.

During the conference, we had the privilege of setting up our table alongside our partner, Resensation. Resensation nerve repair is a new technology that can offer improved sensation as part of the breast reconstruction process for both implant and natural tissue reconstruction patients. Together, we offered information on options for physical and neurological restoration after mastectomy.

In addition to sharing our work, we were thrilled to offer copies of books from people within our community. The Beautiful Defect, by Lilith Costa, offers an intimate look into Lilith’s experience as a previvor and breast reconstruction patient. She shares her story in hopes of helping others like her. Drs. Israeli and Bank are strong advocates for art as a form of healing. We were pleased to offer two books that they’ve worked on with Allergan Aesthetics that aim to showcase the beauty in restoration and life thereafter: Restored and Reblossom.

Thank you to FORCE for this opportunity and to all the partners who helped us get there!