Why do we need to expand the breast reconstruction conversation?

Despite incredible technical advances in breast reconstruction, many people who undergo mastectomy or breast surgery outside of major cities are not offered the option of reconstruction. Even when it is offered, many patients do not receive adequate information on the range of surgical options available to them to make informed decisions. As a result, these individuals may not have access to the right procedures for their bodies. Limitations in breast reconstruction training among plastic surgeons plays a role in creating these gaps.

Medical and societal cultures have yet to truly embrace the profound relationship between reconstructive surgery and patient mental health. Breast cancer management is no longer simply a matter of surviving the disease. It is about truly living before, during, and after treatment. Open dialogue plays a vital role in shifting the culture.
Breast reconstruction is also extremely powerful for people considering risk-reducing procedures in response to harmful gene mutations or family histories of illness. These individuals need comprehensive information and insights as they make key, life-changing decisions.