What types of reconstruction are available?

Breast reconstruction has become an advanced, highly specialized area of plastic surgery that offers many natural tissue and implant based options.

Breast reconstruction is an increasingly diverse and evolving field. There are more choices available than ever. Not only are there natural tissue and implant-based reconstruction options, there are also sub-categories therein and approaches that use both natural tissue and implants.

The wealth of breast reconstruction options out there can be overwhelming. Every person is different. Your unique situation should serve as a guide as you consider which type of reconstruction is right for you.

Our site provides comprehensive information on each type of breast reconstruction. You can read about procedures, learn more about each approach via diagrams, and get a sense of the risks and benefits of each in our Reconstruction Options section. While this information is not everything you need to make a final choice, understanding your surgical options is a vital component of informed decision making.

You are more than your diagnosis. While treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, type of mastectomy, and lumpectomy style all play a role in your reconstruction, your lifestyle does, too. Take time to think about the long and short term impact of each procedure and how it fits into your life. Once you’ve considered the pros and cons in consultation with a doctor you trust, the right option will be clear.

“When I was diagnosed, there really wasn’t any community of survivors and previvors that was present on social media like it is today. I didn’t feel like I was adequately informed about my options.”

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