I am unhappy with my breast reconstruction

People who are unhappy with their breast reconstruction have options to correct, improve, replace, or remove an existing reconstruction.
Individuals sometimes find that they are unhappy with their breast reconstruction. Whether they wish they had chosen a different type of reconstruction, had complications after surgery that impacted the outcome, had a bad experience with a surgeon, or something else, it’s important for those patients to know that they have options.

The first thing that patients who are unhappy with their reconstruction should know is that all revision procedures are covered by insurance. Whether you improve, adjust, or fully remove or replace a breast reconstruction, health insurance is compelled to cover your procedures.

The second thing to know is that this is a fairly common situation. Part of our mission is to provide the kind of information that helps patients avoid undesirable reconstructive outcomes. However, we are also here to help patients who are unsatisfied in the meantime.

Dissatisfied individuals should take a look at the primary and secondary reconstructive options available and consult a plastic surgeon who they trust.