Erica Misorek

Erica Misorek is the Associate General Counsel at, Inc, with a career-long focus on corporate, mergers and acquisitions. Erica is a strong advocate for pro bono corporate representation for not-for-profit corporations. In that spirit, she is a staunch supporter of inspiring change in organizations to strive to make the world a better place. Erica is the proud mother to her two children, Shana (15) and Teddy (13). When she is not cheering on the sidelines or driving them to various activities, Erica finds solace in swimming, biking, trail running and adventure racing, having participated in Otillo-style swim-run races, orienteering meets and an Ironman race. With her legal acumen and an unwavering appreciation for the natural world, Erica strives to balance professional excellence and a deep connection with the world around her.