Our mission is to improve breast reconstruction outcomes for people from every background, at every stage by empowering them with the tools and resources they need to make informed breast reconstruction choices.

What We Do

Quality results start with informed patients who have the tools to speak up about their wants, needs, and concerns. We promote collaborative medical care by giving patients the information they need to become a part of their own breast reconstruction conversation. We empower them with accurate, unbiased information and resources to support them physically and emotionally. We also provide tools that help them process that information and apply it to themselves—like firsthand accounts from other members of the community, interactive programming, and content that helps build a breast reconstruction vocabulary from the ground up.

We look to folks who have had surgery or supported loved ones through their procedures for insight. We look to folks who are considering surgery to illuminate the concepts with which they need help. We look to clinical experts to answer the questions that other patients cannot. We look to you to help us continue to create a dynamic resource.

Why do we need to expand the breast reconstruction conversation?

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Who is breast reconstruction for?

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Michelle Rechenberg

Michelle Rechenberg

Executive Director

A letter from our Executive Director
I would like to personally welcome you to the BreastReconstruction.org community. This is a community that shares information, uplifts those in need, and celebrates narratives and images of women who are not just surviving but thriving beyond mastectomy and reconstruction.

Our main goal is to provide comprehensive breast reconstruction information so that every patient has the tools to make the right decision for them. Whether you are at the initial stages, recently diagnosed, or considering delayed reconstruction, we aim to provide everything you need to partner with your surgeon to determine the most suitable type of breast reconstruction for you. We look forward to expanding the ways we reach that goal.

BreastReconstruction.org is a single platform where patients, caregivers, and anyone else who is curious can educate themselves on a wide range of topics, from patient rights to scar management. But this is just the beginning. We are working to create a platform to help surgeons exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, and collaborate with the community to help improve access to breast reconstruction.

I am not just this organization’s executive director, I am also part of the breast reconstruction community. My journey is a testament to the power of resilience. Cancer has always been a part of my life. From a young age, I heard stories of my grandmother and great aunts. Some were diagnosed or even died at the age I am now. I knew it was only a matter of time before I too was affected. It was not a matter of if, it was when. Witnessing my mother’s valiant battle with ovarian cancer was a harrowing experience that prompted my genetic testing. Learning that I carried a BRCA gene mutation was daunting, but it empowered me to make informed decisions about my health. I made the challenging choice to undergo bilateral risk-reducing mastectomies with immediate breast reconstruction surgery, reclaiming control over my life. Now that I am on the other side, I am determined to help individuals facing mastectomy.

May you find the information and support you need to make informed decisions about your cancer journey, whether you are facing a diagnosis, a genetic mutation, or a family history of the disease. You are not alone. Welcome to a community of love and hope. Welcome to BreastReconstruction.org.

Michelle Rechenberg

Michelle Rechenberg

Executive Director

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