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The comprehensive resource for breast reconstruction, was created to help empower women to make informed choices about breast reconstruction. These are decisions that are important to women undergoing breast cancer treatment as well as women who choose risk reducing mastectomies, including those who carry the BRCA genetic mutation. Breast reconstruction is an important step for so many women to move beyond their diagnosis, and reclaim their lives.

Hearing the words, “You have cancer,” can be devastating for most. It seems that everything happens so fast in the weeks following a breast cancer diagnosis, and trying to find the most up-to-date information in one place can be frustrating and time consuming. Likewise, the news of carrying the BRCA genetic mutation, without a cancer diagnosis, can elicit anxiety of one’s increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. While the internet is full of information about breast reconstruction, unfortunately some of it may be biased or incomplete. The need for a reliable resource with comprehensive information about breast reconstruction was the driving force behind the creation of this website. Under the guidance of two plastic surgeons who specialize in breast reconstruction, and with contributions from breast cancer survivors and previvors (individuals who do not have cancer, but are predisposed to it) the concept of was born.

Our goal is to reach women of all ages everywhere in a supportive, safe environment, while providing them with the information they need to make the best choices for their breasts, body, mind, and spirit. We've paired detailed information with illustrations and photographs in order to provide a better understanding of the breast reconstruction process.

In our live community discussion boards, women can talk to one another in order to get advice and support throughout their reconstruction journey. To spread the word about this invaluable resource, we are happy to send our brochures to doctors, cancer centers, and support groups all over the world. With every month, our site continues to be updated, adding new personal stories of women who have undergone reconstruction, and keeping up with the latest research and technology as it pertains to breast reconstruction.

We hope you find to be a helpful, comprehensive resource for all of your breast reconstruction needs.

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