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How long will I need to take off work?

Depending on the type of surgery you have, and how physical your job is, the time you need to take off work will vary. You should consult with your surgeon for specific instructions. The following are suggestions that may apply to a patient with a desk job that requires no lifting:

- Mastectomy with placement of a tissue expander - one to two weeks

- Mastectomy with latissimus dorsi flap - two to three weeks

- Mastectomy with pedicledpedicle TRAM flap - six to eight weeks

- Mastectomy with abdominal free flap {free TRAM, DIEP or SIEA flap) - four to six weeks

- Mastectomy with GAP flap - six to eight weeks

- Exchange tissue expander to implant - one week or less

- Exchange unilateral tissue expander and augment/reduce/lift opposite breast - one to two weeks

- Nipple areola reconstruction - one week or less

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