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Updated: February 2012

Breast Reconstruction Photos & Personal Stories

The following stories were written by remarkable women who wanted to share their experience to benefit others. Powerful words and photos will take you through their brave journeys.

MARGARET (updated December 2011)
age 48
Nipple-Sparing Mastectomies, DIEP flaps
KAREN (updated December 2011)
age 45
Areola-sparing Mastectomies, DIEP flaps
SUZANNE (updated December 2011)
age 50
Skin-sparing Mastectomies, TUG flaps
LORRAINE (updated March 2011)
age 68
DIEP Flap to Correct Capsular Contracture
PAULINE (updated March 2011)
age 55
Left DIEP Flap, Right Breast Lift
CAROLE (updated February 2010)
age 60
Implants after Tissue Expanders and AlloDerm®
SHAVONNE (updated December 2009)
age 65
Free TRAM Flap after Implant Removal and Capsulectomy
SAMI (updated August 2009)
age 44
SIEA Flap After Skin-sparing Mastectomy
JOSEPHINE (updated March 2009)
age 31
While Pregnant, Tissue Expanders and AlloDerm®
DORIS (updated December 2008)
age 71
Left DIEP Flap, Right Muscle-sparing Free TRAM Flap
MICHELLE (updated April 2008)
age 35
Bilateral Tissue Expanders and AlloDerm®
PAMELA (updated February 2008)
age 41
Metastatic Breast Cancer, Free TRAM Flap
GRACE ANN (updated October 2007)
Age 52
Lumpectomy Defect and Radiation, DIEP Flap
Full names withheld for patients' privacy, edited by our medical board